Aug 152008

There are many important provisions in a Self-Storage lease between the operator and a tenant. As a matter of fact, I often argue that if you bother to put a provision in your Lease Agreement with a tenant, it must be very important to you and relevant to the relationship that you want to have […]

 Posted by on August 15, 2008
Jul 152008

I have a new word to add to my list, that many of you have heard, of words to abolish from your self-storage vocabulary (see ISS 1/2/2007). That word is “free”.
I see the word free all of the time in relation to self-storage. You may have read my critique before the idea of the term […]

Jul 152008

This one has been bothering me ever since the Question and Answer Session at the ISS Expo at the Venetian in Las Vegas in February of this year. I just had to write about it this month.
A question was asked at the Session about using the facility for garage sales. I think the question was […]