Jul 122010

The storage of boats, RVs, cars and other vehicles has become an exciting and often profitable service at many self-storage facilities, offering longer rental commitments with little additional maintenance expense. Unfortunately, with these benefits comes some burden for operators. Without careful planning, the profit center can quickly become a great risk for loss.
Vehicle storage is […]

May 192010

Even if you have a solid rental agreement for your self-storage operation, the verbiage can become outdated and require minor adjustments. Fortunately, you can make small changes to your agreement without making substantial modification to the landlord/tenant relationship.
This article doesn’t focus on large rental-agreement changes; nor does it explore small changes to the rules and […]

Jan 292010

The self-storage industry recently suffered another high-dollar wrongful-sale verdict in the case of Dubey v. Public Storage, the third lien-sale case in a year with a notable verdict or high award.  It’s time to conclude that lien sales, if not done properly, pose a huge risk of exposure to your business, both financially and from a […]