Oct 012009

The May Inside Self Storage Legal Learning With Jeffrey J. Greenberger webinar was on the subject of protecting your customer’s personally identifiable information. This is an important topic and if you missed the Webinar, I would encourage you to listen to the webinar on ISS website. One question that kept coming up during and after […]

Sep 012009

Recently I had lunch with a friend who is an insurance adjuster, whose company does a lot of self-storage claim adjustments. He told me a story of his West coast counterpart who was reporting a large number of a new type insurance claim that he has had to adjust recently. These new claims had the […]

Aug 012009

QUESTION: I have read in several places that you say you do not like the term “Climate Control”. What is wrong with this term, and given that the industry uses it everywhere, what term should we use?
ANSWER: My concern with the term climate control is exactly is what you identify in your question, it is […]

Jul 012009

QUESTION: Is it a good idea to have a minimum bid at any lien sale at our facility?
ANSWER: I am not normally known to be quite so definitive with my answers in these articles but my answer in is particular instance is it is NOT a good idea to have a minimum bid, unless you […]

Jun 012009

QUESTION: Have I validly increased rent for my occupants if I give tenants written notice of the increase without obtaining a signature on a new lease?
ANSWER: This is commonly asked question, and, I know that people have opinions that are all over the board on this subject. There are those who claim that without a […]