Our legal expert Jeffrey Greenberger dissects the various legal issues facing a self-storage owner, manager and even customer, as well as how to deal them in the proper way. Get timely coverage of current legal trends, court cases, and legislative and administrative topics.

Aug 012010

The lease is the foundation on which the self-storage operator/customer relationship is built. If your lease is inadequate or fails to cover the types of situations that occur in a day-to-day self-storage operation, your relationship with your tenant is going to be soured or, worse, you could end up embroiled in a lawsuit. In this class, […]

Jul 012010

One of the stickiest areas of self-storage operation is the practice of lien sales, as it carries a tremendous amount of risk.This class, taught by Jeffrey Greenberger and hosted on Self-Storage Training Institute,  outlines a plan for facility operators preparing for a sale. You’ll learn what that plan should include and common mistakes to avoid. […]